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◎Steel alloy Bar, with reinforce triangle design.
◎Pro Triple Scooter Clamp made from 6061 aluminum.
◎Headset for threaded forks. Steel cups offer long life along with caged
bearings for a smooth ride.
◎Reinforced steel alloy threaded fork.
◎Precision CNC ALU 6061 wheel core with 90A PU cast on,
ultra strength durable and rebound balance. Size: 100*24mm.
◎6061 ALU. Extrusion Deck for ultimate Strength to Weight and
Balance, size in 520*115mm.
◎Flex brake with Grit Stainless Steel Alloy.
◎Unfold Size: 82H*70L*42W, Color Box: 695*115*150*475mm.
Carton Size(2): 710*130*640mm.

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